Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fanime Convention

This will be my first experience ever with a fanime convention...well honestly I am not going inside to check out the booths, but I am looking into checking out the people's costumes! I believe today is the last day of the convention and I have been wanting to draw cosplayers in their costumes, and maybe even run into my fellow artists. In previous years I have been wanting to go to the convention but always money has been a concern. One other thing that always get's me, is that I am honestly not a full on anime worshiper to the point that I can squeel at high pitch intervals and chitter like a chibi. These conventions I feel, are more for the extremists, who have money.

One year in highschool, I was offered to go with some friends, but they were talking about staying up throughout the whole time, with the use of energy drinks, watching anime always and just going crazy. I don't know if I would ever be up for something like that...that is if people honestly still do things like that, even at my age ( though I'm honestly not THAT old...-__-). I think I would have liked most about going to a fanime convention is as to see the artist's present their work. It's not like every day that you find a famous artist. Also along with that there would be alot of interesting things to see, even if there would be alot of odd people. I guess that's what makes a convention a convention. Welp I hope I will get to see some interesting people while I am out on this nice day!

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