Friday, August 1, 2014


Really didn't think it would take so long to create a personal website...but it is FINALLY done.  There are always going to be tweaks and adjustments that I will be needing to do. That will be the never ending chore of dooom..

I'm relieved that the site is up and running but I do have to admit that I a little bit anxious. I guess there will always be the anxiety of thinking about what others are thinking( Lame I know...I'm weird like that.) I have to really get over the sense of OVERthinking everything. I had also submitted an application for a local (SF) Mobile Game Company called JuiceBox games. So of course I am nervous about that as well despite knowing a little bit of the people who work there, who are epicallly awesome.....O.O. well yea they are pretty chill. It does help that one of my friends work there, so I get the chance to meet some new cool people.

That is another thing that I think is bothering me a little it. I'm not working with people that much lately. I missss it. Though I do not miss the really really late nights that came with it.From not being  involved with anyone while working is making me all fidgety because I don't get the simple interaction and playful banter that I normally would have dealt with. My friends are jerks, we generally harass each other while working in order to keep the time flowing by as well as keep our creative juices going. (don't know why people say "creative juices" because that sounds a little...bleh.)

Anyways muttering to the side, I have a new website, don't even know if people read my blog but here it is:

it is generally for my portfolio but who knows what will really come from it.Anyways tootles!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Long Time No See!

It is pretty bad that I normally don't get onto here enough to post updated work. I know most say this a lot but alway being busy does keep you away from working on personal projects as well as simply posting work.

Right now, I am finally going to be graduating from SJSU. I really can't wait to be able to take more control of what I really want to do. Of course I have find somewhere to work now, since I wont be in school, but the places that I have been looking at are truely amazing. For being in school for so long it is just really cool to see the diversity of different projects that people are working on, very inspiring to be honest.

So I have some work to update! :D I would like to update this to my portfolio blog but these pieces are not even near complete, but will be soon! :D :D

Here is the old character that I reworked from last year, really want to continue working on this project :D
Flyers of Gy

Sony Indie Game Project lead by Jeff Singali and Dela Longfish " Edison vs. Tesla"

Tremble Game Project with UCSC , did some character designs but we went off on another artist's look

DeeDee From Dexter's Lab :D
Film Render

Game Render

Upcoming 3D garage project...honestly this isn't everything that I just did this year...still need to find everything to fit in together. Over the year I had worked on indie game projects, zbrush sculpting,and also personal projects like the helmet.

Graduation Helmeeeettt!! :DDD

Will be uploading much more work, but for now, tata! 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Short story Illustration project with my advanced Illustration class. We were to pick a short story from a given list of authors.I had picked"Flyers of Gy" by Ursula Le Guin, and kinda changed how the story goes...or more or less added to the story with a little one of my own based on a little tidbit about a group of nomadic tribes in the polar regions would toss those who would start to gain wings off of the cliffs, tying their legs and arms with stones to weigh them down. 

Moment 1

Moment 2
Moment 3

Still have a lot to do to get to finish! a way you sort of see what my process is...though with the lack of time I have to kinda jump the gun a little bit....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Much to update but I wanted to post up some of the stuff that I have been doing in my Illustration class >.<

Monday, December 10, 2012

Finals... Enough Said

I'm almost there...and then...ANIMAL CART! WOOOo...ehhh...happy Finals week...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Magazine? Zing? Zine?

Hello All!

well...mostly just for me I guess. I'm just checking in to present an illustration that I am feeling pretty good about. It's still in its beginning processes, but I think it is going in a direction that I am most likely going to push more. The project that this is for is for a magazine that my class is doing for the end of the semester. The Zine itself is called "Live On Test Tube Baby" it is meant to be based on future myths that society believe in, such as the title, growing test tube babies and bio electronics. The topic is rather interesting, and of particular interest for me. I always have a thing for anything that deals with technology, especially something that is conceptional. I guess it does relate to my attraction to steampunk in some sense. In a way this topic too can be pushed to the more fantasy realm that we often see in Steampunk, so that may be the main subject that I enjoy working with.

Well here is an illustration that I am continuing to work with, I want to play with the graphic shapes for the cityscape surrounding the main figure. Even though you don't see her face, I wanted to work with the feel of movement with her hair and garment. The young woman is meant to represent Mother Nature, or simply Nature itself running through the city, trying to escape it's harshness. Her feet are bloody because of the mere fact that she is out of her element.I really need to work out the kinks into making her look more like "Nature" instead of some random character with vibrant color running about.

Also I am planning on adding more to give the feel of being overwhelmed to the character as well.
Along with that, I am continuing on with my Treehouse Assignment. Ran into a few issues....mutter mutter. My files had got corrupted and I had to start from the basics all over again the other day. I am trying to just stay positive and work more on it later....which most likely be after this post. I have some factors to consider with my renderings, the Truck in the middle ground is too large and to give off the feel of more space and perspective, the farmhouse...or well a warehouse of some sort is going to be pushed back some as well as made smaller...
which now I'll show you later..don't have the images...>>

Friday, November 30, 2012

Update on my life


It has been forever since I posted to this particular Blog. I am now currently trying to keep up with my Portfolio blog...which is a must, but I felt like I was neglecting this one. I have been rather busy these past two years. I'm only going to put up work that I have been recently been doing this past semester with my Beginning Visual Development class...sooo..yep!

Top is the newest then to the oldest at the bottom.

Gary Soto Tree House Assignment (WIP)

Telephone Pole Rendering Assignment



Orignal Photo


4 Hour Rendering Assignment

 Original Photo


Gary Soto Kitchen Assignment

First Pass


Revised Version

First Photoshop Rendering

First Project