Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day Out

I will be posting up some pics from the Fanime convention...but man that whole ordeal was a little bit overwhelming. I wouldn't have thought that so many people would go to such events,but it somewhat took over a whole city block full of people in cosplay. There were some very interesting costumes that's for sure, but with all of them, it was rather distracting. I am somewhat thankful that I don't really attend these events, even though it would be cool to see what happens inside the large convention center.
Other than that, I went plain aire painting today at Alumn Rock Park. It was a really nice spot to paint at.I went with a large group of us out to the hills and enjoyed the afternoon out. It seems that this summer we also are going to be spending each Monday going out Plain aire painting. Hopefully it will help out with my painting skills. I will be posting that work up soon thats for sure!

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