Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Long Time No See!

It is pretty bad that I normally don't get onto here enough to post updated work. I know most say this a lot but alway being busy does keep you away from working on personal projects as well as simply posting work.

Right now, I am finally going to be graduating from SJSU. I really can't wait to be able to take more control of what I really want to do. Of course I have find somewhere to work now, since I wont be in school, but the places that I have been looking at are truely amazing. For being in school for so long it is just really cool to see the diversity of different projects that people are working on, very inspiring to be honest.

So I have some work to update! :D I would like to update this to my portfolio blog but these pieces are not even near complete, but will be soon! :D :D

Here is the old character that I reworked from last year, really want to continue working on this project :D
Flyers of Gy

Sony Indie Game Project lead by Jeff Singali and Dela Longfish " Edison vs. Tesla"

Tremble Game Project with UCSC , did some character designs but we went off on another artist's look

DeeDee From Dexter's Lab :D
Film Render

Game Render

Upcoming 3D garage project...honestly this isn't everything that I just did this year...still need to find everything to fit in together. Over the year I had worked on indie game projects, zbrush sculpting,and also personal projects like the helmet.

Graduation Helmeeeettt!! :DDD

Will be uploading much more work, but for now, tata! 

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