Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Magazine? Zing? Zine?

Hello All!

well...mostly just for me I guess. I'm just checking in to present an illustration that I am feeling pretty good about. It's still in its beginning processes, but I think it is going in a direction that I am most likely going to push more. The project that this is for is for a magazine that my class is doing for the end of the semester. The Zine itself is called "Live On Test Tube Baby" it is meant to be based on future myths that society believe in, such as the title, growing test tube babies and bio electronics. The topic is rather interesting, and of particular interest for me. I always have a thing for anything that deals with technology, especially something that is conceptional. I guess it does relate to my attraction to steampunk in some sense. In a way this topic too can be pushed to the more fantasy realm that we often see in Steampunk, so that may be the main subject that I enjoy working with.

Well here is an illustration that I am continuing to work with, I want to play with the graphic shapes for the cityscape surrounding the main figure. Even though you don't see her face, I wanted to work with the feel of movement with her hair and garment. The young woman is meant to represent Mother Nature, or simply Nature itself running through the city, trying to escape it's harshness. Her feet are bloody because of the mere fact that she is out of her element.I really need to work out the kinks into making her look more like "Nature" instead of some random character with vibrant color running about.

Also I am planning on adding more to give the feel of being overwhelmed to the character as well.
Along with that, I am continuing on with my Treehouse Assignment. Ran into a few issues....mutter mutter. My files had got corrupted and I had to start from the basics all over again the other day. I am trying to just stay positive and work more on it later....which most likely be after this post. I have some factors to consider with my renderings, the Truck in the middle ground is too large and to give off the feel of more space and perspective, the farmhouse...or well a warehouse of some sort is going to be pushed back some as well as made smaller...
which now I'll show you later..don't have the images...>>

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