Friday, August 1, 2014


Really didn't think it would take so long to create a personal website...but it is FINALLY done.  There are always going to be tweaks and adjustments that I will be needing to do. That will be the never ending chore of dooom..

I'm relieved that the site is up and running but I do have to admit that I a little bit anxious. I guess there will always be the anxiety of thinking about what others are thinking( Lame I know...I'm weird like that.) I have to really get over the sense of OVERthinking everything. I had also submitted an application for a local (SF) Mobile Game Company called JuiceBox games. So of course I am nervous about that as well despite knowing a little bit of the people who work there, who are epicallly awesome.....O.O. well yea they are pretty chill. It does help that one of my friends work there, so I get the chance to meet some new cool people.

That is another thing that I think is bothering me a little it. I'm not working with people that much lately. I missss it. Though I do not miss the really really late nights that came with it.From not being  involved with anyone while working is making me all fidgety because I don't get the simple interaction and playful banter that I normally would have dealt with. My friends are jerks, we generally harass each other while working in order to keep the time flowing by as well as keep our creative juices going. (don't know why people say "creative juices" because that sounds a little...bleh.)

Anyways muttering to the side, I have a new website, don't even know if people read my blog but here it is:

it is generally for my portfolio but who knows what will really come from it.Anyways tootles!


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